Alloy Vogue Wall
Date : 08/05/2019
Vogue Wall is a stacking door system designed for residentialand commercial application. The sliding door frame is built on a slim17 mm x 23 mm profile depth with 8 mm. glass thickness, and is designedto carry fully glazed door panels of up to 2.7 m high. The frames slidesmoothly along adjustable, long lasting European manufactured nylonrollers, on unobtrusive extruded aluminium bottom tracks.
Vogue Wall is the perfect choice for a home where the bedroom opensup to a living room or kitchen, or opening up an apartment or office toadd more space. With the ability of bringing inspiration and creativityinto a home by transforming rooms into fashionable living areas, VogueWall’s retractable sliding doors are designed to blend spaces togetherand remove barriers, or to quickly close up and create a physicaldivision when necessary.
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