Alloy SS
Date : 02/09/2019
Slide & Stack
Alloy SS is one of Alloy’s most practical andversatile mobile closing systems. It is designedfor indoor areas and is appropriate for light tomedium commercial use.The system can divide space using sliding panelsthat are stackable perpendicular to the end of theguide (at an angle of 90 degrees). This hastremendous space saving benefits. The panelspecifications are:
*Up to 40 kg each.*Able to take 6 mm to 10 mm thick glass panes.
*Maximum installation width of 11.2 m and heightof 2.8 m.
The top and bottom tracks are made from highgrade aluminium which we match with hardwarechoices. These can be anodized or powdercoated in a wide range of commercially availablecolours. It can be installed with or without bottomguide channels, thus providing multiple configurationsolutions. Our customers have used the systemto separate dining and living rooms or in otherareas where they want to keep flexibility of roomuse and maximize their living space. The systemprovides excellent sealing of the glass panelswhich means very good acoustic performance.