Alloy Partitioning System Installation

1. Mark Hole Identify screw localtion of Aluminum Frame (Top - Bottom)
     1. Cut vertical frame for 5-10mm to make a jig
     2. Screw as a picture for finding screw hole in the same line
     3. Follow this process to identify screw location

2. Pre – Fabricated
    Fabrication - Fabricate Frame both vertical and horizontal for jamb as shown

3. Attach Frame to wall as shown picture, Screw to the middle of Frame. Fix with wall on the top and bottom.

Recommendation (strengthen Alloy Frame)
1) For Fix Glass Partition Use Alloy 40.03, 80.03 and 100.03 back to back profile for vertical. After fabricate Process 3 before Installation. Use rivet no. # 42 or knot  screw with frame for fix 2 profiles together
2) angle Frame installation, groove of glass is in the middle in case Frame angle 45 degrees fix together
3) “T” angle Frame installation, groove of glass in in the middle

Fabrication, Installation for Jamb
1) Alloy Hinge Installation
Mark the point and fabricate with door and jamb
- Use for fix with wooden door or aluminum frame door without rebate door and door frame. Hinge can use with every type of Solid Door.
- Screw a side of hinge with door , another side screw with door frame.  The bigger side of hinge to the door frame while the smaller (inner) to the door
- Use ALLOY HINGE with “Alloy” Frame for strength. Screw flute of door frame and hinge are designed to increase strength of the hinge to hold the door

add Timber pack on the wall 3 side of door frame for more strength and extend door frame life time

2) Alloy Handle Installation Alloy Lever Handle consist of
     1) Alloy lever Handle
     2) Mortise (ML01, ML02)
     3) Knob Cylender (KC01, KC02)

Alloy Skirting Installation
1. Screw the skirting, fix with line every 40-50 cm
2. Alloy Skirting 90 degree Corner Installation as a picture
3. Put Skirting Rubber Cover or Aluminum Cover close all knots