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With a 40 mm wide frame can show the slim of the glass wall.

ALLOY 40 is a slimline, glazed partitioning system that provides physical division without visual separation. Its open space design is optimally suited for perimeter Executive Offices and in office environments where natural lighting is important.

ALLOY 40 Glazed Partitioning System modules are separated by slim, vertical aluminium mullion., or alternatively clear dry, transparent PETG joints can be used to create seamless contours.

Our frameless glazed doors, or veneer timber combine to provide the designer with an endless variation of minimalist workspace options.
  • Alloy 40 frame, sized 40 mm. X 18 mm.
  • Supports glass thickness between 8 mm. - 10 mm.
  • Able to assemble in several formats.
  • Screw-fixing system allows for a strong and neat perspective after installation.


 GLASS THICKNESS  8mm. – 10 mm.
 MAXIMUM WIDTH  1.2 Meter / Panel
 ALUMINIUM THICKNESS  1.5 mm. – 2 mm.

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