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With a 100 mm wide frame width, it is popular for most projects.

ALLOY 100 is noted for its exceptional performance strength. The system uses a 64 mm. BSM TIS stud plasterboard construction and is engineered to accommodate door thickness 45 mm., full height 3.0-meter doors.

System strength of connection panel is obtained through a patented Interlock ™ mechanism and a series of concealed screw flutes that fastens the system securely. The overall performance attributes of this system have made it an established specification product amongst designers and specifiers alike.
  • Alloy 100, sized 100 mm. X 18 mm.
  • Supports glass thickness between 8 mm. - 10 mm.
  • Able to assemble in several formats.
  • Screw-fixing system allows for a strong and neat perspective after installation.


 GLASS THICKNESS  8mm. – 10 mm.
 FRAME DEPTH  100 mm.
 MAXIMUM WIDTH  1.2 Meter / Panel
 ALUMINIUM THICKNESS  1.5 mm. – 2 mm.

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